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Innovation, Institutions and Governance

Sep 16–19, 2017 Download .ics

Tallinn, Estonia  |

The YSI Economics of Innovation Working Group in partnership with the Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance, Tallinn University of Technology is hosting a YSI Conference on “Innovation, Institutions and Governance”.

Capitalist economies are dynamic systems that evolve while putting into motion structural, technological, and socio-political changes. Not only Veblen believed that Economics is an evolutionary science but also Sombart, Schmoller, Marx, Schumpeter, Nelson and to some extent Keynes, Braudel, Galbraith among others. Yet, the recognition of historical nature of capitalist configurations and of interdependence between various spheres (economy, polity, society) keeps being disregarded by self-regulated market ideology. To move away from such a constraining vision we seek to bring together scholars working on various types and aspects of innovation, which is a multi-faceted phenomenon. The conference welcomes contributions from any field in economics and related disciplines, which address (but not limited to) the following issues in particular: 

·         Institutional and organizational dimension

o    Innovation and organizational learning

o    Financing of innovation

o    Financial innovations

o    Labor studies and innovation

o    Development and innovation

·         Historical dimension

o    How can we study epochal innovations?

o    Business history of innovation

o    Development and innovation

·         Policy and governance dimension

o    The making of STI policies

o    National agencies in charge of innovation  

o    EU innovation policies and Smart Specialization

The format of the conference will be interactive and includes presentation of papers by participants; interactive workshops with leading scholars of innovation such as Carlota Perez (London School of Economics/Tallinn University of Technology), Mary O’Sullivan (University of Geneva), Erik S. Reinert (Tallinn University of Technology/The Other Canon Foundation), Dan Breznitz (Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto), William Janeway (Warburg Pincus/Cambridge University), and round tables with local policy-makers and representatives from local business community.

Submission of abstracts (500 words): May 1

Submission of applications for travel stipends: May 1

Notification of acceptance: May

Notification regarding travel stipends: May

Submission of full papers: August 1

Please submit your abstract via the following link

Practicalities: accommodation is provided to all participants during 16-19 September (3 nights); limited amount of travel stipends will be distributed on competitive basis (based on quality of an abstract) to those participants who are not able to obtain travel funding from other sources. 

For inquiries please contact the organizers: Besiana Balla (besianaballa@gmail.com), Laurène Tran (laurene.tran@gmail.com), Olga Mikheeva (olga.mikheeva@ttu.ee) 

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