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    YSI @ Association for Heterodox Economics Conference

    YSI Event Workshop YSI | Hosted by Economic Development

    The YSI Economic Development Working Group will host a series of panels at the annual conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics, with the goal of developing an innovative research program on productive structures, institutions, distribution, and economic development. 

    Young Scholars Workshop on Cooperatives and Cooperation

    YSI Event Workshop YSI

    The ICA CCR Young Scholars Program, the Young Scholars Initiative Working Group on Cooperatives and Cooperation, and Wageningen University & Research are jointly convening a workshop on Cooperatives and Cooperation.

    YSI Workshop @ IAFFE

    YSI Event Workshop YSI | Hosted by Gender and Economics

    The YSI Gender and Economics Working Group will host a workshop during the pre-conference of the 27th IAFFE Annual Conference. Members of the Gender and Economics WG will also be welcomed to take part in the workshop and mentoring activities organized by IAFFE in the pre-conference.  

    Paradigms of Economic Policy: Examples and Lessons from the Nordics

    YSI Event Workshop YSI | Hosted by Political Economy of Europe

    The symposium focuses on the various paradigms of economic and social policy at work in the Scandinavian countries, in light of the most recent macroeconomic developments given by increased inequality, population ageing and automation.

    Institutions and Communities in the History of Economic Thought

    YSI Workshop @ ESHET 2018

    YSI Event Workshop YSI | Hosted by History of Economic Thought

    The Institute of New Economic Thinking Young Scholars Initiative (INET YSI) Working Group on the History of Economic Thought is organizing a YSI Workshop on Institutions and Communities in the History of Economic Thought on 6 June in Madrid, Spain, ahead of the Annual ESHET Conference

    YSI Europe Convening

    YSI Event Regional Convening YSI

    As in previous years, young scholars will come together in Trento during the annual Festival dell’Economia. This gathering will serve as the YSI Europe Convening for 2018. Attendees will have the opportunity to share their work with YSI members from across Europe, while also partaking in the Festival dell’Economia.