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    Trento Festival of Economics

    YSI Europe Convening 2017

    YSI Event Workshop YSI

    The Young Scholars Initiative and its working groups will be hosting meetings and discussions in and around the 2017 Trento Festival of Economics. 

    Skills Workshop at the EU Parliament

     Annual Meeting of the Finance, Law, and Economics Working Group

    YSI Event Workshop YSI | Hosted by Finance, Law, and Economics

    This two-day skills workshop / annual meeting of the Finance, Law, and Economics Working Group (FLE) aims to connect participants with politicians (MEP), lobbyists, NGOs, and practitioners working in fields related to law and finance. It will comprise workshops and visits with representatives, which will facilitate exchanges between academia and politics. Participants will gain fresh insights into the decision-making and lobbying processes in Brussels, allowing them to translate their ideas into actions and create a stronger social impact. 

    Methods in the History of Economic Thought

    YSI Event Workshop YSI | Hosted by History of Economic Thought

    The Institute of New Economic Thinking Young Scholars Initiative (INET YSI) Working Group on the History of Economic Thought is organizing a YSI Workshop on Methods in the History of Economic Thought on 17 May in Antwerp, Belgium, ahead of the Annual ESHET Conference.

    Call for Papers - “Institutional Responses to Financial Crises 1870 to 2017”

    YSI Economic History Workshop

    YSI Event Workshop YSI | Hosted by Economic History

    The Economic History Working Group and the Financial Stability Working Group are organizing a two day seminar on May, 12th-13th in New York. The theme for the will be “Institutional responses to financial crises 1870 to 2017”.

    The New Economic History of India

    Event Conference

    The History Project will hold its fifth conference on May 11-12, 2017 at the University of Cambridge. The conference will be concerned with the economic history of India, particularly in relation to exchanges across frontiers, the history of the law, and the history of economic thought.

    Inequality, Globalization, and Macroeconomics

    USC Dornsife INET presents a conference on inequality, globalization, and macroeconomics

    Event Conference

    April 28-29, 2017, USC Dornsife INET is hosting a conference on inequality, globalization, and macroeconomics at the University of Southern California. The goal of this conference is to bring together leading researchers to discuss and present new approaches and new results on the relationships between inequality and macroeconomics and between inequality and globalization. Please direct any questions or comments to