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Trento Festival of Economics

YSI Europe Convening 2017

Jun 1–4, 2017 Download .ics

Trento, Italy |

The Young Scholars Initiative and its working groups will be hosting meetings and discussions in and around the 2017 Trento Festival of Economics. 

YSI invites contributions from Young Scholars who wish to present their work on subjects related to this year’s theme “Globalization in an Age of Rising Nationalism”.

Members of the following working groups will join YSI discussions in Trento:

·      Africa

·      Economic Development

·      Economic History

·      Finance, Law and Economics

·      Financial Stability

·      Gender and Economics

·      Inequality

·      Keynesian Economics

·      Latin America

·      Political Economy of Europe

YSI Call for Papers - “Globalization in an Age of Rising Nationalism”

The inequitable distribution of the benefits brought fourth by globalization has given rise to populist and nationalist movements not seen since the 1930s. Over the last year, this wave of discontent has led to two momentous events that portend to dramatically re-shape world order: BREXIT and the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency. The traditional calls for further economic and financial integration across the globe that characterized much of policy discourse over the last three decades are being replaced by an increasingly nationalistic economic agenda.

In this context, the YSI working groups would like to foster a discussion on the origins and consequences of these tumultuous developments. Is it possible to continue moving forward in the process of globalization on the basis of the economic and institutional arrangements that have characterized the last decades? Or, is this a time to re-think and re-organize the theoretical and institutional foundations that thus far have supported globalization? In particular, we are interested in submissions of abstracts and papers on common themes that provide the opportunity for an academic discussion across working groups. Possible topics may include:

·      Recent developments in regional integration or separation (particularly in Europe, Africa, or Latin America).

·      Tensions between free trade and efforts to protect domestic interests and institutions.

·      Alternative economic approaches to trade and globalization and new ways of thinking about the costs and benefits of integration.

·      Genderifying economic analysis.

·      Capital flows and financial protectionism.

·      Driving forces of economic and financial (dis-)integration in the history of capitalism.

Guide for submissions

The deadline to submit abstracts is April 15. Submissions should include an abstract, and keywords.

Selected participants will be contacted in early May. Selected participants will be provided accommodation at Hotel Everest during the Festival days. No travel stipends are available.

For any inquiries regarding the program, please contact Jay Pocklington (jdp@ineteconomics.org) or any of the working group coordinators.  

We look forward to seeing you in Trento!