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These ambitious efforts are led by prominent economic scholars, often members of our  Advisory Board, in collaboration with younger professors and graduate students.

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    Imperfect Knowledge Economics (IKE)

    Our IKE Program develops macroeconomic models that are open to unforeseeable structural change and that avoid the presumption that market participants are irrational. This program is also developing econometric methodology that is suitable for testing time-series implications of IKE models.


    Human Capital and Economic Opportunity

    The Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Global Working Group (HCEO) is an interdisciplinary collaboration incorporating biological, sociological and psychological perspectives into traditional economic questions of inequality and human capital.


    Financial Stability

    As the pace of financial crises quickens and the volatility of economic shocks intensifies, we need new ways to understand and respond to instability. This program coordinates our research efforts on finance, macroeconomics, and monetary economics.


    Political Economy of Distribution

    Inequality and distribution—areas underserved by mainstream economics—sit at the heart of The Institute’s work. This program brings together researchers from a variety of disciplines to develop alternative approaches to the problem of inequality.