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Nils Rochowicz

Nils Rochowicz coordinates the European chapter of the Young Scholars Initiative. He connects young scholars interested in topics related to the European economy, to create an active community of students and young researchers exploring topics like the economic effects of the European integration, the political economy of the European Union, or the recent Eurozone crisis. To this end Mr. Rochowicz has repeatedly organized conferences and webinars with high-profile speakers in cooperation with YSI, hosted reading groups and supported young scholars from all over Europe in realizing their own projects. If you are interested in joining the YSI Europe Working Group, have a look at the Working Group Webpage, Join the Young Scholars Initiative or send Mr. Rochowicz an e-mail.

Mr. Rochowicz’s research interests include understanding innovation, technological progress and its impact on societies as well as financial stability and economic growth. He is interested in agent-based models, game theory, and the use of advanced mathematical and computational methods to understand economic phenomena.

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What is Economic Success?

Article | Oct 11, 2013

“You are now leaving the world as you know it.”