Human Capital and Economic Opportunity

    The Institute is deeply invested in understanding and promoting the importance of human capital for a healthy society. We explore the impact of early childhood development, education and training, and the role of factors like race and gender on shaping economic outcomes.

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    Leveling the Playing Field From College To Career

    In the United States achieving equal opportunity in postsecondary education is typically described in terms of enrolling more underrepresented groups into the selective colleges. The belief is that if this step is accomplished it will have a fundamental impact on the problem of inequality at the national level. However, what if there are not enough places in selective colleges to accomplish this goal? What if the selective colleges do not have enough capacity to make a significant impact in the problem of serving students from underrepresented groups withdemonstrated high abilities? Read more

    Creating Flourishing Lives: The Dynamics of Capability Formation

    Professor Heckman was invited to speak at the HDCA 2015 Conference as the keynote speaker for the Amartya Sen Lecture. The presentation offered recent research on the economics of creating flourishing lives, discussing the importance of cognitive skills, character skills and health. Read more