Innovation & Inequality

    Disruption caused by innovation both creates goods the wealthy are more likely to use and eliminates jobs more likely held by working and middle class employees. We want to better understand how to respond to innovation in order to avoid or ameliorate both of these ways of exacerbating inequality.

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    Inequality and Employment

    “Natural rate theory” has dominated interpretations of economic trends and policy prescriptions over many decades. European-type welfare state institution were claimed to cause a compressed wage distribution that distorts otherwise well functioning labor markets. Read more

    Vague Hopes, Active Aspirations and Equality

    The term human capital describes a set of skills, strengths and know-how that are valuable—both in the narrow sense of being “commercially valuable” (Lindsey, 2013), and the wider one of contributing to a flourishing, deliberate, purposeful life.As Heckman (2014) puts it: “Skills are capacities to act [emphasis added]…They shapeexpectations, constraints, and information” (p. 6). Read more